Welcome to Colchester & Tendring Open Studios

This years open studios 2016 event runs over 4 weekends.

Weekend 1 Sept 10 / 11 
Weekend 2 Sept 17 / 18 

Weekend 3 Sept 24 / 25

Weekend 4 Oct  01 / 02

How to Use this site.

There are two main elements to this site, the Artists Directory and the Open Studios listings, accessed from the above tabs.

The Artist Directory is relevant all year round and gives details of the entire member artists of CaTOS, including examples of their work, contact details, as well as other biographical information. Please note that artists in this directory may not be participating in the actual open studios weekends.

The second important section is the Open Studios Listing. This section lists all the artists opening for this year event through September and the start of October. These listings include opening dates, times, locations and specialism. This section can be searched using dates, media or name. Note this section may only be available during the weeks running up to the event.

Opening times vary for each artist, so please make sure you double check entries on the listings. If in doubt, or if you are travelling a long distance, we would advise you to contact the artist and confirm your visit.

Please phone all artists who specify ‘by appointment only’ before visiting.

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